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Guest post by: onewheytickit

I used to be a student of Ateneo (through a scholarship, na natanggal din eventually) and when I felt the need to study again, after having realized that I really wanted to become a CPA, I enrolled in the University where I graduated high school- Holy Angel University in Angeles City, Pampanga, which is also known for being good at producing CPAs. I was a full-time employee while taking up 18-21 units per sem. I’ve completed 3 tough years til I got scammed online (I won't share the details with my katangahan na lang ha).

I decided to go back here in Manila to work and save money (kasi di naman ako rich and I support myself with everything, as in everything) I was able to save money for 2 years so I’ve decided to continue my quest towards becoming a CPA. I’ve searched for different schools where I can transfer to and that can accommodate me with special considerations for the subjects I’ve already taken up.

I’ve first considered Mapua since quarterm sila and thought mabilis matatapos. But they screwed me up kasi sabi nila nung una credited hanggang 2nd year subjects but when I was about to enroll, biglang freshman status daw. Pero okay lang dahil kulelat naman sila sa rating pagdating sa CPA board eh (haha!).

And so I pulled my papers out and tried applying to San Beda, PSBA and UE. I was qualified for admission but would have to repeat soooo many subjects, sayang naman. Off I tried my luck in UST. They required me to write a letter of intent to the Dean which I did (3 pages pa nga eh) but the Dean of UST-AMV (UST Alfredo M. Velayo College of Accountancy) was so busy, thus had a long time considering my application.

So while waiting for her verdict (haha!) I went to TIP-Manila (nakita ko kasi sya nung pabalik-balik ako sa Mapua), I was surprised when I was told that as long as I will have at least a year of residency or 42 units, all previous courses/subjects will be credited! Napa “Wow!” ako bigla. But I still waited for UST kasi mas prefer ko don noon.

On the last day of enrollment for summer class, I went to TIP and finally decided to take the entrance exam, passed it and enrolled right away. I was allowed for a double degree pa nga eh- BSBA and BS Accountancy. A week after, UST informed me that I was qualified to enroll in their BMA program though and just continue it to BSA if I qualify. But since, I already enrolled in  TIP, wala na ko magagawa.

 So after having said a lot of things, what’s my point? (haha!) Jarrrrrrrran! That I didn’t have any regrets in transferring to TIP-Manila. The campus is simple yet so peaceful. Students are simple too and so humble. Every person exudes the value of grit and determination, be they students, faculty members or other employees.

And the tuition fee… Very affordable!!! Just last May, out of the 5,315 CPA exam takers and 1,995 successful examinees, 2 from TIP-Manila made it to the top 10. Ranks 3 and 4. Everything boils down to one conclusion: I made the right choice! No! God gave me the right choice!

I hope my story can help those who are still undecided with their choice of course and school.

God bless!:)

TIP Entrance Exam:

No, hindi naman sya mahirap. There is a part pa nga sa banding huli yata yon where questions are about the courses/programs eh. It goes something like this:

It is a discipline of engineering that applies the principles of physics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of machines.
(Answer: Mechanical Engineering)

Math probably is the hard one, especially kapag limot mo na mga napag-aralan pero I think kaya mo naman.
They’re not expecting applicants to get a very high score naman eh. It’s far from UPCAT and ACET as we know them. So, I really think you can make it. Kaylangan nyo na nga lang magmadali coz classes in TIP will commence on June 13 na.

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