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Here's information on University of the East tuition fees and courses at UE's Manila and Caloocan campuses for freshmen, First Semester, 2019 to 2020
  • School fees include tuition fees and miscellaneous fees
  • Total number of units range from 20 to 23 units
  • Down payment upon enrollment is 10,500 pesos
  • Balance is payable in 4 equal monthly installments from July to October
  • 5% discount for full payment of school fees upon enrollment

First Sem


45,094     BS in Hospitality Management  -- 23 units
49,145     BS in Biology -- 24 units
45,094     BS in Psychology  -- 23 units 
45,094     BS Tourism Management   -- 23 units
46,789     BS in Mathematics with Specialization in Business Applications -- 24 units 
45,094     BS in Legal Management (ABM graduates) -- 23 units   
50,179     BS in Legal Management (Bridging Program)  -- 26 units 
45,094     B of Library and Information Science  -- 23 units 
45,094     AB in English Language Program -- 23 units   
45,094     AB in Political Science   -- 23 units 
45,094     AB in International Studies -- 23 units
47,440     AB in Broadcasting  -- 23 units 
45,094     AB in Journalism -- 23 units


52,495    BS in Accountancy (BSA) -- 26 units
52,495    BS in Management Accounting -- 26 units
45,094    BSBA in Business Management  --  23 units
45,094    BSBA in Financial Management  -- 23 units
45,094    BSBA in Marketing Management  -- 23 units
47,384    BSBA in Business Economics -- 23 units

              B in Accounting Technology (BSAcT)  (will check if this course is still being offered)

               COMPUTER SYSTEMS

49,342    BS in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing (BSEMC) 
               - Specialization in Digital Animation   
49,342    BS in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing (BSEMC)
               - Specialization in Game Development   
47,640    BS in Computer Science 
47,640    BS in Information Systems 
47,640    BS in Information Technology 

               Associate in Computer Technology (will check if this is still being offered)


41,027   Dental Technology 
67,219   Doctor of Dental Medicine 
98,986   Master of Science in Dentistry


44,813   B of Elementary Education
44,813   B of Secondary Education
40,385   B of Physical Education
40,385   B of Special Needs Education (Generalist)
45,598   BS in Nutrition and Dietetics
40,385   B of Exercise Sciences Major in Fitness and Sports


54,527   BS in Computer Engineering -- 24 units
53,022   BS in Electronics Engineering -- 23 units
50,695   BS in Electrical Engineering -- 24 units
52,834   BS in Civil Engineering -- 25 units
46,246   BS in Mechanical Engineering -- 23 units

              FINE ARTS

 44,168    BS in Architecture 
 47,366   B of Fine Arts Major in Visual Communication
 47,366    B of Fine Arts Major in Painting
 44,115    BS in Interior Design


52,839   Juris Doctor    

15,723  Downpayment upon enrollment 
             1st Installment - payable on the 3rd week after enrollment
             Balance - payable in 2 equal installments
             before midterm and final examinations


School fees for 9 units range from 23 to 25k
except for Dentistry which is about 54k

UE offers the following masteral degrees:

30,280  Master in Public Administration
30,280  Master in Business Administration ( Regular)
32,017  Master in Business Administration ( Executive)
30,280  Master of Science in Construction Management ( Regular)
32,017  Master of Science in Construction Management ( Executive)
30,280  Master in Information Systems
28,903 Master of Science in Mathematics
30,280  Master of Science in Accountancy (Industry track, non-thesis)
30,280  Master of Science in Accountancy (with thesis)   
32,017 Master in Engineering Science (Offered in UE-Caloocan)
28,903  Master of Library and Information Science
28,903  Master in Science Major in Environmental Science
28,903  Master in Education
28,903  Master of Arts in Education
28,903  Master of Arts in Teaching
28,903  Master of Arts in Psychology
28,903  Master of Science in Dental Education
34,489  BSBA  in Management (Special Degree Program) -- 9 units


Doctoral or doctorate degrees offered at UE are:

35,050  Doctor of Business Administration
35,050  Doctor of Education
35,050  Doctor of Information Technology
35,050  Doctor of Philosophy in Multidisciplinary Metropolitan Studies


Kindergarten  42,327
Elementary 37,823 to 39,193
High School  about 39,688 to  46,441

Phone Numbers:

Admissions Office: 735-54-71 loc 398 to 399
Direct Line: 735-85-77
Email: admission@ue.edu.ph

2219 CM Recto Ave. Manila

105 Samson Road, Caloocan City
UE Caloocan Trunkline: 367-4572


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  13. A 5% discount seems to be a very generous offer if you considered it well and going to study here till the last course.

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  15. Here's basic information on University of the East tuition fees and courses at UE's Manila and Caloocan campuses for freshmen, First Semester, 2019 to 2020

  16. The table below illustrates tuition rates based on the student's residency classification and includes 15 credits per semester for two semesters.

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  18. Since the universities can get money from the tuition fees, they can build some new and better facilities for students, such as teaching buildings, a gym, and other recreational facilities. More cash also means the university can offer a higher salary to attract better teachers.

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