Here are the top pharmacy schools in the Philippines, based on the results of the January 2012 Pharmacist Licensure Exam:

All pharmacy schools with examinees in the January 2012 exam were considered in this ranking.

       Passing         School                        No. of Examinees / No. of Passers

1.   100.00%    University of the Philippines - Manila   34/34
2.   100.00%    Centro Escolar University - Malolos   4/4
3.   100.00%    Negros Oriental State University - Dumaguete   4/4
4.   97.14%      Our Lady of Fatima University - Valenzuela   34/35
5.   96.55%      Saint Louis University   56/58
6.   89.47%      University of the Immaculate Conception - Davao   34/38
7.   84.62%      University of San Carlos   11/13
8.   75.26%      University of San Agustin   73/97
9.   73.33%      St. Scholastica's College - Tacloban   11/15
10.  70.27%     San Pedro College - Davao City   26/37
11.  66.67%     Adamson University    22/33
12.  66.67%     Centro Escolar University - Makati   4/6
13.  58.00%     University of Santo Tomas    29/50
14.  56.06%     Mariano Marcos State University - Batac   37/66
15.  52.17%     University of Perpetual Help System - Laguna   12/23
16.  50.00%     University of Perpetual Help System Dalta - Las Pinas   13/26
17.  50.00%     Cebu Doctors University    4/8
18.  50.00%     Lyceum Northwestern - Dagupan City    4/8
19.  50.00%     PanPacific University North Philippines   1/2
20.  50.00%     Saint Paul University - Tuguegarao   1/2
21.  50.00%     University of Southern Philippines   1/2
22.  46.67%     University of La Salette - Santiago   7/15
23.  44.74%     Centro Escolar University - Manila    51/114

37.50%    National University - Manila   3/8
37.50%    University of Perpetual Help Rizal - Calamba   3/8
33.33%    Manila Central University - Caloocan City  13/39
33.33%    Emilio Aguinaldo College - Manila   4/12
31.58%    Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation  6/19
28.81%    Pines City College  17/59
26.67%    Southwestern University  20/75
25.81%    University of the Visayas - Cebu City  8/31
25.00%    Angeles University Foundation  2/8
25.00%    Nueva Ecija Colleges 1/4
23.08%    University of Bohol   6/26
22.22%    Philippine Women's University - Manila   2/9
18.31%    Universidad de Zamboanga  13/71
16.67%    Mindanao Medical Foundation College  1/6
13.64%    University of Luzon  3/22
11.11%    Medina College - Ozamis City  1/9
0.00%      Central Ilocandia College of Science & Technology  0/9
0.00%      Central Luzon Doctor's Hospital Educational Institution  0/3
0.00%      World City Colleges - Quezon City   0/1

Pharmacy Schools with the Biggest Number of Examinees:

114   Centro Escolar University - Manila    
  97   University of San Agustin  
  75   Southwestern University  
  71   Universidad de Zamboanga   
  66   Mariano Marcos State University - Batac  
  59   Pines City College
  58   Saint Louis University  
  50   University of Santo Tomas  


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