Unlike other FEU courses, information on FEU tuition fees for engineering is not readily available on the FEU website, neither on the FEU Institute of Technology (FEU Tech) website.

Based on information from online forums, the average tuition fee for engineering courses at the FEU Institute of Technology is from 40,000 to 60,000 pesos per term

The more subjects and the more lab courses you have, the higher your tuition fee.

Someone commented online that FEU Tech allows students who have not paid their tuition fees in full to take their final exams, but they will not be allowed to enroll for the next semester unless they have paid their previous term's tuition fees.

And of course, kung lilipat ka sa ibang school, hindi ibibigay ang transcripts mo and other transfer documents mo kung hindi mo mabayaran ang tuition fees mo in full.

FEU Institute of Technology was formerly called FEU – East Asia College. It became an FEU Institute after the FEU College of Engineering and the College of Information Technology merged in 2003.

FEU Tech runs in two buildings:
1. Original FEU Technology Building along Nicanor Reyes St. (formerly Morayta), located within Far Eastern University’s main campus
2. Brand new 17-story FEU Tech Building on P. Paredes St., which is a short walk away from FEU’s main campus

To know more about their tuition fees, you can contact them:

FEU Institute of Technology
P. Paredes Street, Sampaloc, Manila

Trunkline: (02) 2818888
Telefax: (02) 8353312

Email Address: info@fit.edu.ph

What are the engineering courses offered by FEU Institute of Technology?

BS in Computer Science
BS in Civil Engineering
BS in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing
BS in Electronics Engineering
BS in Information Technology
BS in Computer Engineering
BS in Electrical Engineering
BS in Mechanical Engineering
BS in Manufacturing Engineering

If you are a new engineering student, maganda na basahin mo itong sinulat ng isang naging new engineering student din noon:
How to Survive Your First Day at FEU Tech.


  1. I am going to calculate the whole price in order to find out what is what! Anyway, thank you for publishing this educational article here.

  2. Per term po ba ito or per sem?

  3. im internation student
    so how much IELTS i need to join their ???
    actually i need details so how can i get everything???

  4. as an alumni this post is like below the range... I am a comp eng here and yes i feel like my dad probably paid like millions just because i studied here... the 1st-2nd year was fine because it only cost like 30-45k per sem [so to estimate it’ll be 115k per year if you’re going to take full load] but the for the 3rd-5th year it was hell because the tuition for each sem was like 50-65k [it was like 170k for me each year for 3 freaking years] not to mention the projects that costs around you know thousands and the freaking thesis that cost me 200k... so yeah go ahead and calculate ahhh and btw our projects are prototypes that’s why it costs thousands and my tuition fee was like thay because i always take full loads per sem and i’m only delayed for like a semester... and also all engineering courses here are 5 years to complete based on the curic given ....


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