UE courses

The University of the East Manila campus offers bachelor, associate, masteral and short-term programs.
Here are University of the East courses:

College of Arts and Sciences

AB Broadcast Communication
AB Journalism
AB in English
AB in International Studies
AB in Legal Management
AB in Political Science
BS in Biology
BS in Mathematics
BS in Psychology
BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management
BS in Tourism Management
B of Library and Information Science
Communication Proficiency Program for the Contact Center Industry

College of Business Administration

BS in Accountancy
BS in Accounting Technology
BS in Business Administration Major in Financial Management
BS in Business Administration Major in Business Economics
BS in Business Administration Major in Business Management
BS in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management
BS in Business Administration - Special Degree Program for Management
(for entrepreneurs, corporate and government executives, and military officers without a
college degree)

College of Computer Studies and Systems

BS in Computer Science
BS in Information Technology
BS in Information Systems
BS in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing
 with specialization in Digital Animation
BS in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing
 with specialization in Game Development
Associate in Computer Technology

Short-term non-degree courses:
 Microsoft Office XP
 Windows 2000/XP
 Webpage Development
 Visual Basic Programming
 MS Access
 Other short-term information and communications technology courses

College of Dentistry

Doctor of Dental Medicine
Pre-Dentistry (2 years)

College of Education

B of Elementary Education, General Program
B of Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education
B of Elementary Education, Special Education

Certificate in Professional Education
Certificate in Special Education
Certificate in Early Childhood Education
Certificate in Elementary Education
Certificate in High School Education

BS in Nutrition and Dietetics

College of Engineering

BS in Civil Engineering
BS in Computer Engineering
BS in Electrical Engineering
BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering
BS in Mechanical Engineering

College of Law

Juris Doctor
Bar Refresher Course (2 semesters)

University of the East Masteral Programs:

Master of Science in Dentistry
 With specialization in

Master in Business Administration
Doctor of Business Administration
Master in Construction Management
Master of Arts in Teaching
Master of Arts in Education
Doctor of Education
Master in Public Administration
Master of Science
Master in Information Management
Master in Library and Information Science
Master of Engineering Science
Master of Science in Dentistry
MBA Major in Tourism and Hospitality Management

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University of the East
2219 CM Recto Ave.,
Manila 1008

Admissions Office: 735-54-71 loc 398 - 399
Direct Line: 735-85-77
Email: admission@ue.edu.ph

You can apply online at ue.edu.ph


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