FEU Tuition Fees -- Far Eastern University -- 2011

The ranges of tuition and miscellaneous fees for each semester for the following courses are:   
(k = thousand pesos)

BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management -- 40k, 44k, 31k
BS in Nursing --  53k, 66k, 45k, 61k
BS in Accountancy -- 35k, 36k, 40k, 37k, 22k
B of Fine Arts Major in Advertising -- Arts 37k, 37k, 43k, 35k
BS in Architecture -- 40k, 40k, 43k, 36k, 31k
BS in Medical Technology -- 38k, 47k, 43k
BS in Psychology -- 41k, 38k,37k,23k
BS in Commerce Major in Marketing Management -- 38k
AB in Mass Communication -- 38k, 37k, 32k

Notes on some FEU courses:
- BS in Accountancy is a 5-year course
- To take up accountancy, you need to start with another related course, such as BS in Internal Auditing.


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