Here are the most popular courses in the Philipines, based on enrollment data from government and private higher education institutions in the country in the school year 2009 to 2010.

Data is from the Commission on Higher Education and includes enrollment in pre-bachelor's, bachelor's, post-bachelor's, and master's degree and doctorate programs.

Courses are grouped into college fields or disciplines:


Business Administration and Related Courses        727,018

Medical and Allied440,266

Education and Teacher Training349,634

Information Technology Related Discipline348,462

Engineering and Technology344,662

Religion and Theology117,299

Maritime Education88,450

Trade, Craft and Industrial76,382

Agricultural, Forestry, Fisheries59,692
and Veterinary Medicine

Social and Behavioral Science36,355

Mass Communication and Documentation 30,994

While above are the most popular courses in the Philippines based on enrollment, the most employable courses in the country for the next several years can be found in this list:

Most In-Demand Courses in the Philippines, According to CHED's Priority Course List for Grantees

13 Most In-Demand Courses in the Philippines, According to the PRC


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